An ethical production of quality materials

HUTTEliHUT strives for a production of raw materials based on animal welfare. Our production does not use mulesing or other kinds of animal cruelty.

The wool used for our hand-knitted baby- and children’s clothes come from alpaca- and llama farmers in the highlands. The alpacas and llamas roam freely in their natural mountain habitat. Here they can only be identified by a wool tassel attached to the ear. The tassel indicates which farmer the animal belongs to. The animals know the area, and during the night, they gather close to their homes to keep safe from other animals.

In the Bolivian Andes, the low temperatures and harsh terrain can be difficult for the alpacas. This sometimes leads to an early death for newborns. The alpacas are valuable for the farmers, and when a farmer loses an animal, it has a big financial effect. The farmers make their living by selling wool, and the sale of the dead animals fur cannot compensate for the income that the wool would have brought them over time. To reduce the farmer´s loss, we buy the skin and process it to beautiful tassels for our hand-knitted hats. The alpacas in Bolivia are always hand-cut with scissors, and the farmers have no desire for their animals to suffer in any way. 

Our Bolivian production is Fairtrade certified. It ensures decent working conditions and a fairer deal for our farmers.


Baby Alpaca + Mor Alpaca Ny Farve