Sustainable Values

HUTTELiHUT was founded on sustainable values, making products that would last for years, both in quality and design. It is important for us to use materials of high quality to ensure long-lasting products. HUTTEliHUT strive for a production using raw materials based on animal welfare which we can support. As a result, our production does not use mulesing or other kinds of animal cruelty.


Sheeps Wool   Får 2 Ny Farve

HUTTELiHUT uses OEKO-TEX certified merino- and lambswool. Wool is a natural and renewable fiber which makes it one of the most sustainable materials in the world. In addition, wool has numerous capabilities which makes it suitable for children. Wool is heat-regulating and will therefore be able to cool down the active child, whilst keeping the quiet child warm. Wool is self-cleaning, needing less washing. Wool is able to transport moisture away from the body and keeps the children dry. It is breathable and durable, and even protects against UV radiation, as it absorbs the radiation far better than many other materials. The fibers of merino wool are thin, which means that it does not scratch. Instead it is incredibly soft. Our production does not use mulesing or other kinds of animal cruelty.


Alpaca Wool   Baby Alpaca + Mor Alpaca Ny Farve

HUTTELiHUT use alpaca wool from alpaca farmers in Bolivia. The animals roam freely in their natural mountain habitat in the Andes. The terrain of the Andes can be harsh. Strong winds, heavy rain and changing temperatures, makes the alpacas build up a fur with some of the finest fibers in the world, giving a surprisingly soft quality. Alpaca wool is a natural and allergy-friendly material, as it does not naturally contain lanolin. Therefore, you can often use alpaca wool in clothing, even though you are allergic to sheeps wool. The wool is dirt-repellent, durable and breathable, and is therefore perfect for outdoor movement and play. Our production does not use mulesing or other kinds of animal cruelty


Cotton Yarn  Garn Ny Farve

In order to create beautiful products in long-lasting materials HUTTEliHUT use OEKO-TEX certified cotton. It is important for us to be able to offer sustainable products in natural materials. We strive for a clean production of 100% cotton, where no synthetic materials are used. Cotton is a flexible material which has given us the opportunity to create products in velour, Liberty, rib and jersey.